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Posted in Skepquote by Skepdude on August 1, 2008

This is the 21st century; it’s time to abandon wishful thinking and embrace rationality, despite the pain that some folks feel when forced to think. It’s encouraging to me to see that scientific and medical authorities, as well as the media, are actively moving to have the claims of the homeopaths properly – extensively and scientifically – evaluated, though those practitioners dread such investigations, and prefer to mumble that they’d like to remain adamant in their self-delusion. The notion that literally nothing – just some sort of mystical “memory vibration” – can have any effect on a patient, needs to be relegated away, along with phlogiston and blood-letting. The sole real effect of the interference of a homeopath appears to be that an ugly lump in the patient’s wallet is significantly reduced. (emphasis added)

James Randi, SWIFT July 31, 2008.