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First Measles Now Mumps

Posted in Neurologica by Skepdude on August 27, 2008

Here is another report of an outbreak of a preventable infectious disease in a population with low vaccination rates. This time it’s mumps in Canada in a religious community that believes getting vaccinated shows a lack of faith in the protection of God. I wonder if they feel it is blasphemy to wear a seatbelt, or use sunscreen, wash their hands, cook their food thoroughly, or do any of the common-sense things people should do to reduce their risk of infection or disease.


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  1. Diane said, on September 10, 2008 at 9:12 PM

    I think you would be better served to gain an understanding of this religion, before posting inaccurate information. This community does not necessarily believe that faith in God will prevent the illness, rather this community believes it is against Gods Word to purposely make oneself sick, through immunization. Vaccines are based on the ASSUMPTION that everyone will get every childhood disease, tetanus and diphteria and others. No one knows whether or not one will get the disease ahead of time. You may argue that vaccines do not cause illness, however vaccines are designed to promote antibody production through a self induced illness. As well, NO VACCINE HAS EVER BEEN PROVEN SAFE! Read the package inserts.

  2. Skepdude said, on September 12, 2008 at 2:04 PM

    Do you think car driving has been “proven safe”? What do you think causes more death car driving or vaccines? Has any human activity been proven “safe”? Flying a plane? Swimming? I think what you’re asking for is 100% certainty. Just in what endeavor that you personally engage in life do you have 100% certainty?

    You’re totally misguided. It’s not an assumption that people will get diseases if not vaccinated, it is history! Go look up the numbers of how many people got these diseases before there was a vaccine, then come back here and continue spewing stupidity if that suits you.

  3. diane said, on September 13, 2008 at 2:16 PM

    Skepdude – reality check here – How many 2 month old infants contract tetanus? How many newborns contract Hepatitis B? Correct – less then 0.1% of all infants born. However, when you vaccinate you do this on the belief that your child is at significant risk of getting these diseases and “assume” that they will develop them. As well, you “assume” that the risk of getting this disease and the associated complications are higher then the risk of the actual vaccine. I am not looking for 100% certainy, but I am looking for 100% honesty! Not one “saftey” study or prelicensure of any vaccine is done in an honest manner.

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