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Afternoon Delight With The Discovery Institute – #2

Posted in Enemy Combatant by Skepdude on September 2, 2008

**When we last left our heroes, they were half in the bag and thrilled to find that there was in fact a device to communicate with the life forms inside the Discovery Institute. **

Having discovered that there was an intercom, we did the logical thing and used it to page whoever might be listening in the building. A rather suspicious sounding young man answered, and Kate explained to him, in an awful parody of her usual soft southern accent, that she was here for a tour. She kept explaining, as the voice in the box didn’t seem inclined to let us in. Sensing that we might be turned away at the door without even a glimpse inside, I jumped in, and explained that my friend was a science teacher from Mississippi, who was passionate about intelligent design, and really had a lot of respect for the work the fine folks there at the Discovery Institute do every day.

The man in the box said he’d be right down.


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