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Fundie Claim #16: Persecution, BAWWW!

Posted in Evolved and Rational, Uncategorized by Skepdude on September 8, 2008


Fundie (actual quote): The act of atheism in defying Christianity proves that it recognizes Christianity as having a true God. There are thousands of religions, cultures, occult, and spiritual practices in this world that are doubtful to be true at all. Still, atheism goes against the presence of God, especially God in Christianity, way more strongly compare to its refutation against other religions in this world? Why is that so? Given an example of a second best student in class who only goes against the best student in class because he only recognizes the ability of the best student, and not the rest of the class, a similar pattern can be observed between Christianity and atheism. However, Christianity has already won through the blood of Jesus on the cross.

This statement makes no sense at all. Atheism is merely a lack of a belief in god/gods, and has nothing to do with specifically going against the Christian religion. Atheists are not defying Christianity or the Christian god, as you can’t defy something that you don’t believe exists in the first place. If someone does not believe in goblins, does that mean that the person is defying Goblinism? Since Christians do not believe in Shiva, does that mean that Christianity is defying Hinduism, thus recognizing Hinduism as the true religion?

Christians, what makes you think that Christianity is the true religion among the thousands of other religions known or once known to mankind? Are you really sure that your particular god is the one true god, and how do you know for a fact? Would you have been a fundie Christian if you were born in rural Afghanistan?

“When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.” —Stephen Roberts

The assertion that atheists are all out to attack Christianity certainly fuels the pathetic Christian martyr complex, but rest assured that atheists are not going to call for Christians to be burnt at the stake anytime soon. We leave those sort of things to the butthurt theistards who resort to violence because they simply cannot rationally defend their faith.

Now, a Christian might wonder why the atheism-related posts on my blog are mostly (not all) centered around Christianity. The answer has nothing to do with going against the presence of the Christarded imaginary god, but simply due to the fact that Christianity is the religion that I am most familiar with and the one that I tend to come across in everyday life. I do not post about how Zeus does not exist because Zeus-believers are not the ones making shrill attacks on secular values or trying to destroy science and take us all back to the Dark Ages. If you want some examples of atheist resources that dismantle the arguments of other religions, Google has been invented. Use it.

Notice the interesting thing here: The Christard explicitly mentions atheism as a threat to Christianity, and not any other religions or occult practices. Again, the Christian argument can be flipped on its’ head to show the muddled contradictions that is often pervasive in fundie Christian reasoning.

As much as it may hurt Christian egos, Christianity is not the only or final threat to rationalism and reason. Christianity is not the only delusional belief system in the world. Christians, there is no need to get on your high horse and feed your persecution complex.

Also, exactly how has Christianity already ‘won’ through the blood of Jesus? If Christianity has already won, why was the fundie post needed in the first place? Why bother explaining why you picked Christianity over atheism if Christianity has already won, theistarded moron? Why even bother making a point?

tl;dr: The fundie argument is an EPIC FAILure.


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