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This Must Be the Most Uncomfortable Math Class Ever

Posted in Friendly Atheist by Skepdude on September 11, 2008

Take a look at this sign:

I was thinking of hanging that banner in my high school math classroom…

That shouldn’t be any cause for concern, right?

Isn’t it just my freedom of expression?

Of course not.

Even if you agreed with me, you’d say my banner should be taken down and I should be reprimanded. Who am I to force my views upon my students? Students would feel intimidated by me (if they were religious). They would rightfully be concerned that their grades would be affected if they dared to disagree with me.

The banner has no business hanging in any classroom. What does it have to do with math, anyway?!

Conservative Christians would agree, too, I imagine.

But what if I Jesufied my banner?


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  1. sheila said, on March 21, 2009 at 7:16 AM

    God gives everybody freedom of choice. He is a gentleman who does not force anybody to do anything against their will. It is PEOPLE who try to force other people to do stuff. It is PEOPLE who judge other people that have a different viewpoint then them (Especially religious fanatics). It is PEOPLE who treat people like crap! We can do and say as we choose, but we will still pay the consequences for whatever choices we make. Also, it does not matter what kind of sign somebody puts upon a wall somewhere. What matters is what is in your heart and whether or not you practice what you preach. Looking at this page, I think of the people who cry over whether or not the 10 commandments are posted up on some building but at the same time, very few of them are LIVING what the 10 commandments mean in everyday life. Many people don’t even know what the 10 commandments mean eventhough they are fighting over them. God wants His law in our hearts and minds, not just plastered up on some wall somewhere. The same thing goes for prayer and bible study in school. Prayer and bible study starts at home and church and then you go on to practice what you learn from it wherever you go. Many people take things way out of perspective. A lot of people are busy fighting over religious rights but very few are living it correctly.God wants the people who claim to believe in Him to quit squabbling over Him and practice what they preach.

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