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Mufti Morality – Death to Cable-Viewers

Posted in Edger by Skepdude on September 13, 2008

Sheikh Salih Ibn al-Luhaydan is of the highest order of mullahs in Saudi Arabia. A recent report from BBC Newsstates:

The most senior judge in Saudi Arabia [al-Luhaydan] has said it is permissible to kill the owners of satellite TV channels which broadcast immoral programmes.

Some of you may know, the fasting month began recently. The month is called Ramadahn (not be confused with my antagonist Tariq Radaman). All forms of luxury are restricted or reduced greatly. This is a month when various questions are asked of mufti’s (judges). Recently it was brought to al-Luhaydan’s attention that women wore very little on satelittle television stations! (Yes, I can see you gasping in shock!) 


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