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Church Politicking Is Uncivil Disobedience

Posted in FFRF by Skepdude on September 26, 2008

A well-heeled extremist legal outfit is calling on priests and pastors throughout the nation to defy IRS regulations by using their tax-exempt pulpits this Sunday, Sept. 28, to endorse candidates in the presidential race.

The unethical so-called Pulpit Initiative is advanced by the troublemaking Alliance Defense Fund. The Fund seems to be advocating no less than organized crime–uncivil disobedience. The Wall Street Journal yesterday reported some 30 ministers have said they will participate. Rev. Jody Hice, of Bethelehm First Baptist Church in Bethlehem, Ga., told the Journal he will endorse Sen. John McCain: “As a pastor, I have the right to speak biblical truth without being punished for it.” (Just where in the bible can we find that reference to John McCain?)


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