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The SkeptiStare

Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on October 12, 2008

This was taken at the talk James Randi gave on October 10th 2008 at the NY Skeptics one year aniversay.

WARNING: The SkeptiStare has been know to induce certain side effects including making the persons wielding this awsome weapon feel extremely cool, in control and rational. The direct, scientifically observed effects on the subjects of the SkeptiStare include, but are not limited to, increased levels of perspiration, heart  pounding and breathing, trepidation, cowardice, humiliation, shame and a deep sense of sadness. The subjects have been affected by the SkeptiStare, causing them to fail on the performance of their otherwise inerrant powers. The SkeptiStare has been directly linked with interference with a multitude of powers including, but not limited to, psychic powers, homeopathy, alternative medicine, bigfoot and other monsters, ghost hauntings, dowsing, faith healing,  and all other kinds of crackpottery and woo-woo. All true woo masters are warned to stay as far away from the SkeptiStare as possible. A minimum distance of 1,000 miles is recommended. 

This warning shall not apply to the fake woo masters, who are a disgrace to the true woo masters and should be exposed by the SkeptiStare as the fakes they are.



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