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Fundie Claim #17: No religion, no meaning!

Posted in Evolved and Rational by Skepdude on October 14, 2008


Fundie: Without religion, life would be meaningless and without purpose! We need god to have a purpose in life! What is the meaning of life in the atheist worldview? There is none, BAWWWWW! The negation of the notion of an afterlife, souls, spirits and zomgwtfgod causes one’s life to be pointless. Therefore, we need religion!

Listen up, theistards: If you believe that your life is pointless without a belief in an imaginary sky-daddy that listens to your every prayer, you need to grow the fuck up. Yes, leaving religion is not an easy task, but you seriously need to get a fucking grip. There is so much out there in the world that makes basing your life on a fucking holy book written by mortal men thousands of years ago seem as stupid as believing in Xenu and thetans. Wishing for something to be true does not make it true, so your argument is simply hot air and BAWWWWW.

The obsession with ‘purpose’ and ‘meaning’ stems from the human inability and/or refusal to consider that this life is all there is, and that this is it. Many people simply cannot face the fact that after they cease breathing, it’s kthxbai over. Humans are egotistical creatures, as seen in religions that claim that man is the center of the universe, and notice that such religions tend to resist any progress that casts doubt on this idea (Galileo, anyone?). Humans are often femotionally needy and we can’t comprehend the fact that our lifespan is fleeting, temporal…and then, nothing. We are just going to end up in the ground being worm food no matter what, and this fact often makes people go BAWWWWW.

There seems to be an increasing tendency among atheists to downplay this aspect of rationalism when dealing with religious nuts, perhaps in order to avoid playing into their hands. In my opinion, fuck this shit. We need to outgrow our delusions of ‘meaning’ and ‘purpose’, pointing out that the only meaning and purpose to life is what we make out of it. The universe doesn’t care, there are no gods who fucking care, there are no angels looking out for us – nobody cares and will care unless we humans take it into our hands and start caring.

We need to get over our obsession with purpose, and I see no reason to hide the fact that we live in a purposeless world just to make people feel better about themselves. We need to make this fact known so that people would take responsibility for their own lives instead of sitting around and whining about how god will look after them or that their sorry lives are a part of god’s plan.

If we don’t wake the fuck up and be responsible for our own lives without deluding ourselves about a higher power looking after us, humanity is headed on a path to self-destruction; and no amount of wailing about ‘meaning’ or ‘purpose’ is going to change it.

Grow the fuck up, humans.


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