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Eggplant mania for cancer

Posted in Respectful Insolence by Skepdude on November 10, 2008

As I’ve said before many times, herbal or plant-based medicines are about the only kind of “alternative” medicine that has significant prior scientific plausibility based on what we know about science. That’s because plants often contain biologically active molecules; i.e., they often contain drugs. Of course, the problem with plant-based medicines is that they are, in essence, highly contaminated drugs, the predictability of whose responses is variable because the amount of active ingredient can vary widely.

There’s also a problem when claims for a plant-based compound become grandiose. It immediately makes me suspicious, even when there might be some biological plausibility that some compound with derived from a plant might have anticancer properties, when I see claims of “cancer cures” or the extensive use of testimonial evidence. Recently, I became aware of just such a “cancer cure” derived from, of all things, eggplant. The advertising for a cream based on this comound has it all: Testimonials, claims of near 100% efficacy in curing certain types of cancer, and claims of near miraculous efficacy. In essence, a man named Dr. Bill E. Cham takes a plant-based “treatment” and claims that it can not only cure skin cancer but regenerate and rejuvenate. In brief, he takes something that might have some efficacy and makes unbelievable claims for it.

In essence, Dr. Cham’s claim is that eggplants cure skin cancer? Naturally, I know it’s true because I saw it on the Internet, and I’ve even seen some credulous reporting on it:



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  1. Heirsolo said, on March 8, 2009 at 9:25 PM

    The article Eggplant mania for cancer by Orac really suits Respectful Insolence, not that the Eggplant mania for cancer is the Insolence but that the ramblings of Orac are.

    If Orac had done proper research the majority of his ramblings would have been proven to be incorrect. The statements by Dr Cham on his research findings are factual, and by Orac’s own definition, cannot be insolent.

    I suggest that Orac familiarise him/her self with information available on

    Just to identify and correct Orac’s biased misgivings regarding his article let me select some of his/her shortcomings.

    Regarding cancer cures with Curaderm BEC5
    Patients treated with Curaderm BEC5 have been followed up for over 5 years and even 10 years post treatment. There were no recurrences. By medical definition if a treated health problem does not recur after 5 years treatment it can be considered that the treatment is a cure.

    The mode of action of the BEC glycoalkaloids (extracted from the Devil’s Apple fruit or eggplant) has now been evaluated and confirmed by independent scientists throughout the world (see Research Publications when visiting It appears from such publications in scientific journals that BEC glycoalkaloids specifically destroy cancer cells without harming normal cells . When this occurs on the skin whilst treating skin cancers, the area where the cancers were prior to treatment with Curaderm BEC5 regenerates with normal skin replacing the now eliminated skin cancer cells. This is not an unbeliavable claim but factual (see wide range of before, during and after treatment with Curaderm BEC5 lesions on “clinical case studies”.

    The statements of Orac regarding what Dr Cham says, are incorrect. These statements were made, not by Dr Cham, but by respected independent peers such as Dr Jonothan Wright, a highly respected medical doctor who resides in Seattle USA.

    Regarding Orac’s statement “Silly” me. A search of “eggplant” and “skin cancer” revealed two references. “Silly” Orac indeed. If he/she is delving into scientific information Orac must be diligent, unbiased and could have requested information from Dr Cham before making a fool of him/her self.

    Regarding Phases I to IV clinical trials
    Again I refer to Orac’s simplistic statement “simple surgical excision is curative (now because it suits Orac this cure term is permitted) as they say, nothing heals like surgical steel”. This statement is in direct contrast to independent published work where it has been reported that 30-67% of BCC (basal cell carcinoma) cases treated by surgery recur.
    Again see Research Publications ->->->->-> Publications/Medical Research ->->->->-> Sussman, L.A.E and Liggins, D.F. (1996). Incompletely excised basal cell carcinoma: a management dilemma? Aust.NZ.J. Surg. 66,276-278.

    Orac should also be aware that the other group he/she refers to that actually did a clinical trial using a related compound with reportedly significant efficacy had indeed used Curaderm BEC5 manufactured and supplied to that group by Dr Cham for their clinical trials.

    It is also interesting to note that Orac is a depressive person since he/she is so easily depressed by eagerly and in a biased fashion reporting information that is incorrect. All Orac had to do was to request information directly from Dr Cham before doing him/her self, science and the public much injustice.

    • micheline Kinery said, on June 5, 2010 at 4:54 PM

      I used curaderm the first time 2 years ago without consulting with an ocologiest. Both lesions o n the tip of the nose came back last year; I used it again; my oncologist thought the lesions were distroyed after 5 months. Now, 7 months later I detect the return of one of them. I don´t know ehat to try as my very first basall sell cancer was removed chirugically, and I have an ugly scar on the side of my nose.

  2. micheline Kinery said, on June 11, 2010 at 5:57 PM

    Well One got completely erradicated, and it left no mark; the other is comig back after a year and I have a new one.

  3. shelly strauss said, on March 20, 2011 at 5:03 AM

    I have benn using curaderm for 2 weeks. Started out with very small red spot and now it is size of quarter, very red, white liquid, and burns terrible when applying the curaderm. Please let me know if this is normal.
    Thank you so much

  4. Skin cancer treatment said, on October 17, 2012 at 1:17 AM

    Nice post. BEC5 Curaderm cream is an effective skin cancer treatment. My cousin is suffering from skin cancer and i also recommend her to use bec5 curaderm. .

  5. joe said, on November 24, 2012 at 3:26 PM

    i have used the cream and my skin after 7days is back to its beauty,,i think if u have a severe cancer it will take more effort and cream to get rid of it,,if u dont use it properly then of course it will not work,,if u think its no good then go and let some guy with a scaple cut a hole in you

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