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Following 50 woo-ful facts: Nine woo-ful myths

Posted in Respectful Insolence by Skepdude on November 10, 2008

I had been planning on taking on a couple of articles about breast cancer to start out the week. However, between having to deal with a tsunami of leaves before Monday, when the giant trucks come along to pick them up today and a number of other issues, I didn’t have time. As much as I love taking a recent study and doing an in-depth analysis, such posts take probably twice as much time for me to do as the average post. Unfortunately, various issues this weekend prevented that, at least for today.

Fortunately, there’s always homeopathy.

Yes, homeopathy is always there for the easy post. Even better, there’s uber-woo-meister Mike Adams at Even better still, Mike Adams has found a protégé, a homeopath, and this homeopath can churn out some of the most ridiculous articles on homeopathy that you’ve ever seen. I realize that homeopathy is inherently ridiculous by its very nature, but that’s what makes these articles so “meta-ridiculous,” if you will. Three weeks ago, I first had some fun with “50 woo-ful facts” about homeopathy. The homeopath writing such nonsense? Louise Mclean. And guess what?

She’s baaa-aack.

This time around she’s trying to dispel the myths surrounding homeopathy. Not surprisingly, she’s provided some grade-A first class woo. It starts right from the beginning:


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