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OneNewsNow: The Most Up-To-Date Coverage of Things that Happened in 2004

Posted in Happy Jihads House of Pancakes by Skepdude on January 12, 2009

Hey, folks at OneNewsNow, do you tell your friends that you are journalists? Because you are in fact standardless snot-goblins. You should put that one your business cards. Take this hilarious report, by which I mean “colossal joke,” called “Forced Abortions: America’s Secret Epidemic.”

So secret, not even the person they are interviewing has any idea what the fuck she is talking about. Really.

Now, as I have noted repeatedly, OneNewsNow’s takes the “inverted pyramid” model of journalistic writing and turns it on its head. Actually, that would just be a pyramid. Scratch that. There are no pyramids, only opinions, invariably written in form: “Conservative Asshat Has Opinion, Is News.”

OneNewsNow reporter-substitute and profession snot-goblin (check his business card!) Charlie Butts seems to be responsible for a lot of the worst stuff that comes out of this weird little organization. It must have sucked to have that name in grade school. And holding the record for number of years held back in third grade.

The Elliot Institute has released a report that exposes America’s forced abortion epidemic.

Quick! Isolate the pregnant women! Give them masks! It’s an epidemic!


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