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Freedom’s rallying cry!

Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on January 24, 2009

Freedom is like a delicate flower; it’s sweet aroma and colorful beauty can inspire and awaken the deepest, noblest of human emotions. Yet, it can be easily crushed by the hard sole of the oppressor’s boot. Thus we must protect it with all our might. Let us not be silenced by the booming screams of the majority; let us not be intimidated by the scornful stares of the multitude; let us stand up to the raging storm, look into it’s single dark eye and smile. For no strong wind or icy rain can dampen our resolve, our convinction, our committment! Reason is on our side. What a formidable ally; what a frightful enemy! Sooner or later it prevails. There are no forces in this universe, no sacred cows, no dogma, no Gods that can withstand reason’s power!

There can be no freedom without reason, for oppresion is fueled by ignorance. So open your heart and mind to reason, do not resist it, do not turn a blind eye or a deaf ear to its music, otherwise you’ll never be free. Take that first step away from the comforts of ignorance, take that first plunge into the uncharted waters of the human potential. There is so much more of you that you don’t know; so much more of you for you to discover but you must break the shackles of ignorance, break down those walls you were born into, where you are expected to live and die, as countless others did before you.

Freedom is a delicate flower; it protects you as long as you protect it!

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