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Atheist Christmas?

Posted in Pharyngula by Skepdude on January 29, 2009

The Humanist Community of Central Ohio sent out a suggestion to various towns to declare 12 February Darwin Day, in honor of the man and his science. Nice gesture, I think; it’s a small token of appreciation that doesn’t cost anyone anything. The city of Whitehall went for it, but then something odd happened — people complained.

So they watered it down to declaring February a month of science, and added Galileo’s name to the list of honorees. OK, that’s a bit craven, and their intent is transparent, but it’s a reasonable compromise. Go for it!

Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough for the creationists. Now they want to remove Darwin’s name! What a silly thing to do.


Man kills mother on suspicion of illicit relations

Posted in News by Skepdude on January 29, 2009


A YOUTH slaughtered his mother on suspicion of illicit relations at Shaheen Colony in the Factory Area police precincts on Monday. The deceased was identified as 45-year-old Zarqa Sana.

According to Mirza Atif, another son of the victim, his elder but step brother Dilawar started exchanging harsh words with their mother over a family matter. During the process, the accused shot at and injured the victim. Later, he slaughtered her with a sharp-edged weapon. Rescue 1122 officials, after being informed, reached the scene and rushed the victim to the General Hospital where doctors pronounced her dead. Meanwhile, police officials reached the scene and removed the body to morgue.

Police sources, however, claimed that the killer was suspicious that his mother had developed illicit relations with a local of the area. They alleged that Zarqa was going to meet her paramour on Monday and Dilawar stopped her but she turned a deaf ear to his words. Factory Area Circle ASP Sarfaraz Virak said they had arrested the killer, who confessed to committing the crime in police custody, alleging that his mother had a bad character.


Loony tunes of the day

Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on January 29, 2009

So what do a 93 year old dead guy with a huge unpaid utility bill, Al Gore and the U.S. Patent office have in common? Alien (as in extraterrestrial)  “clean” energy conspiracies of course! Did you know that there is, currently on this Earth, knowledge and possibly reverse-engineered technology for cleaner energy than solar and wind? I did not know nuclear energy science had advanced that much!

Homeopath decides to move to Tanzania to use his craft to “cure as many people as possible” in an effort to convince skeptics that he’s not full of it. So let me get this straight, he can’t make the science work as it should so the solution is to go out in a third world country and experiment with god knows how many people’s lifes under no supervision whatsoever, because this guy thinks scientists have it in for him? A bit conceited, not to mention extremely unethical, no? I have a suggestion for him. He may want to take his “medicine” not in pill form but in its liquid form. At least let these people get some clean drinking water out of this.

And in closing don’t forget to always evaluate alternative medicine as it relates to God’s commandments following the “four R” plan. I’m just finding it a bit hard to find out God’s stance on homeopathy and UFOs? Could have been on the dropped Gospels. Anyone has any insights on this matter?