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Posted in Skepquote by Skepdude on January 30, 2009

It is sad that a professional and scientific institution has the opportunity to deal with this situation as professionals and scientists or as gullible asses, and they have chosen the latter. Rather than calling in an exorcist and the local ghost-hunting boob, they should have called in a skeptic. Skeptics have actually thought about such phenomena from a reality-based perspective and have developed a relevant knowledge-base that can be useful.

Steve Novella

United States Becoming More Secular

Posted in Left Coast Librul by Skepdude on January 30, 2009

A just-published study by the American Religious Identification Survey found that 14.1% of Americans or 29,481,000 people identify as atheist, humanist, agnostic or non-religious (see pages 12-13, SO sorry about the PDF).

Additionally, nearly 40% of those who identified as Christian stated that neither they themselves nor members of their families belonged to or attended a church or religious institution. The difference between “identification as” and “affiliation with” [a religious institution] is very pronounced: people call themselves Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim… but don’t attend Church/Temple/Mosque. The association is more a state of mind than actual state of being.


Open enrollment

Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on January 30, 2009

Hi there loyal readers. As you know the mission of Skepfeeds is to gather the best skeptical blogs of the day by a human reader as opposed to an automated aggregator. For more info about this you can refer to my About Skepfeeds page.

Achieving this goal is quite time consuming. I am quite happy to report that there is a multitude of really good skepctical blogs out there, and that gives me great joy and hope for the future. Nevertheless, I cannot possibly cover everything I think I should cover on my own.

Therefore, I am looking for 2 additional contributors (for the time being) who are willing to join forces with me in expanding the reach and daily posting acitivity here at Skepfeeds. There are only two requirements:

  1. You must have your own skeptical blog.
  2. You must e-mail me through the contact address listed at your own personal blog.

That’s it. The reason for these requirements is to ensure that I give access only to serious skeptical minded people (thus the blog requirment since I can peruse the entries and decide if that person is what I am looking for), and the e-mail request is to ensure that the owner of the blog is infact contacting me,not someone pretending to be the owner.

I am limiting this request fo the time being to two additional writers, since I want to see how this goes. If everything goes well I would be glad to expand the number of contributors.

If you are interested drop me a line at