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New York….New York

Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on February 1, 2009

Living in NY, I should not be surprised by this. But it still blows my mind away. Check out this little gem:

That means the animal needs increased nutritional and immune supports as well as therapy for specific health issues, such as immune, bone, digestive, or eye conditions.

Wow! I did  not know that immune and bone were “specific health issues”, I didn’t even know they were issues at all! Who is writing this stuff, second graders? Oh, and by the way they’re talking about pets not humans. Which makes this even more ridiculous. Read at your own peril.

Here’s more stupid news, the US Air Force is training its docs in acupuncture, because did you know that “while acupuncture cannot cure open wounds, it can alleviate pain and make it more bearable.“? Wait there’s even more:

Currently, combat doctors are learning about the energy meridians of the human body, a concept that acupuncture uses. Very thin needles need to be inserted in specific positions in the body, where they release accumulated energy blockages, and allow the vital life force to flow.

Psst, I’ll let them in a little secret….it does not matter where you stick the needles! You’re welcome Air Force!

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