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New Skepfeeds contributor

Posted in Rodibidably by Rodibidably on February 2, 2009

Recently Skepfeeds had an Open enrollment for a contributor to help out updating the site regularly. As an avid reader of skeptical blogs myself, I felt that this was a good fit for me to help out.

I figured that as an opening, I’d introduce myself, so that later on when my plan for world domination comes to fruition, you can say “I knew him when”.

I have my own blog, Rodibidably, where I post about Religion, Science, Skepticism, Politics, Psychology, Quotes, and many non-skeptical topics that strike me as worthy of sharing. While my own blog is not skepifically skeptical, it is more of a personal blog about anything I want to post, I do consider myself a skeptic and an atheist, and as such much of what I post on Rodibidably is of a skeptical nature.

I follow a number of skeptical and atheist blogs and podcasts, and I hope that the posts I add here from those sources give a good representation of those sources which I find interesting, intruiging, informative, and (damn, I can’t think of a 4th i word to use). While my primary area of intrest in the “skeptical movement” is religion/atheism, I do follow a number of “traditional” skepticfal topics as well, but I’d expect that my focus will be more atheistic than many “typical” skeptics.

I will try to keep to the Skepfeeds guidelines, and post articles in their entirety with no input from myself, but I am more than willing to engage in debates in the comments if people have a different view than myself. I do ask one thing though, if I post an article, it probably means I agree with the overall theme of the article, it does not mean I agree with every single phrase used in the article. For instance, if I post something from Christopher Hitchens, that does not mean I support the war in Iraq. If you have any questions about my personal views on a subject, please ask before jumping to conclusions and accusing me of specific beliefs or views…

And with that said, I’d like to end this initial post with a quote I came across a while ago from Tim Minchin:

I think the trouble with being a critical thinker or an atheist, or a humanist is that you’re right. And it’s quite hard being right in the face of people who are wrong without sounding like a fuckwit. People go “do you think the vast majority of the world is wrong”, well yes, i don’t know how to say that nicely, but yes.”

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