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Final proof that ID is not science

Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on February 3, 2009

And this comes at the hands of that great ID “think tank” Uncommon Descent via this entry. Here’s the cracker (emphasis added):

But after 150 years of the hard sell, why is it that so many people haven’t bought into the Darwin myth I wonder? Perhaps because that is how they perceive it – as a myth – some real evidence, instead of the empty rhetoric might help their cause. It is true that most people haven’t studied science in depth, but they do know when someone is trying to sell them a dodgy motor. But what of the arrogance of the militant Darwinists. Clearly ID is tapping into a broad stream of public opinion, but is under sometimes vicious attack from sections of the acedemic community that tolerates no dissent. It would seem that Darwinian science is shaped by an emotional devotion to Darwin that is semi-religious in nature – having left true science outside the door.

So why is this final proof that ID is not science? Because science cares not about people “buying” or not into it’s theories. The “buying” has no effect on truthfulness. It is irrelevant to the question “Is X true?”. Because the truthfulness of a scientific theory is not tested by it popularity in the general masses, or if it taps “into a broad stream of public domain”. When was the last time a scientist proclaimed his hypothesis to be true because lots of folks like it? ID is a big, not so complex argument from Ignorance. When did you ever come across an ID argument that did not take the shape of  “I cannot explain the complexity of X; my imagination cannot perceive of a process that could create such complexity, therefore it must have been designed by an intelligent designer”?

And don’t you just love it when they say that the academic community tolerates no dissent? How hypocritical or ignorant to claim that when the theory of Evolution was met with such skepticism when it was first introduced and it took a lot of work and evidence for scientists to be convinced by it. How ironic given the struggles needed to get Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity accepted by the then academic community. But guess what, both Darwin’s theory and Einstein’s theory were accepted once sufficient evidence was deemed to have been gathered. It is this evidence part that bother the ID crowd. They don’t have any.

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