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Bad Economy Boosts Psychic Business

Posted in Unreasonable Faith by Rodibidably on February 6, 2009

[Originally posted at: Unreasonable Faith]

As most of us know, when people are in hard times they are more open to superstition. So while it’s no surprise that psychics are getting more business, it’s still a little disappointing.

CNN has a profile on a psychic fraud (except they call her a “medium” instead of the more accurate term “fraud”):

“It’s more types of people I have never seen before,” says [psychic] Roxanne Usleman. “Men in the business world, high-powered jobs, stock market, Wall Street.”

Since last fall, she says she began to see a new type of client — a “logical, [A-type] of personality.” Many of them are “just completely lost,” says Usleman.

Wait, logical personalities are going to a psychic? They must really be lost, because there’s nothing logical about going to a psychic.

[Read more of this post at: Unreasonable Faith]

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