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Skepquote of the day – 02/07/09

Posted in Skepquote by Skepdude on February 7, 2009

Actually, it’s kind of reassuring that California is the leading source of dependable psychic talent. What with the San Andreas Fault and the inevitability of The Big One causing the Golden State to slip quietly into the Pacific, when those California Psychics start booking flights out of LAX, it’s time for the rest of us to cancel our trips to Disneyland. California Psychics are like a smoke alarm that doesn’t require annual battery changes.

Loony Tunes – Saturday 02/07/09

Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on February 7, 2009

High quality UFO PHOTO Y’ALL – Oh wait, scratch high quality, but hey it’s a photo! Do we have any professional photographers here. Can someone explain how is it that the blow up is pinkish/redish but when I zoom in into the actual photo, all I get is a blue/dark blue blob?

Homeopathic medicine for tooth extraction – And be creful not to take the 30C but the 200C potency, because you know the shtick; the higher the dilution the more potent the solution.

Homeopathic weight loss treatments – Of course why not? There is a problem with the whole homeopathic idea of like cures like here. See obesity is not caused by anything other than lots of food and an inactive lifestyle. So how do you dilute that? So the food becomes no food, that alone is guaranteed to make you drop weight and is otherwise known as a diet. But how do you dilute an inactive lifestyle?

Introducing the accufacelift – Why can’t chi make you look younger you cynical skeptics. You’re just naysayers that’s all.