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UFO attack ruled out

Posted in News, Skepdude by Skepdude on February 11, 2009

UFOs have been ruled out in the hunt for what caused the mysterious severance of huge wind turbine blade, experts said today.

The wind farm at Conisholme, Lincolnshire, became world famous last month after it was claimed the loss of one 72ft blade and serious damage to another was caused by a UFO.

Local residents reported seeing a bright light on the morning it happened, prompting speculation that a UFO caused the damage.

But today investigators said they had ruled out any aircraft – including a UFO – as a cause of the damage.

Wind farm operator Ecotricity said it could have been caused by “material fatigue”.


SKEPDUDE SAYS – Of course it wasn’t a UFO, come on! How is it that these aliens have mastered space travel, but can’t avoid a freaking wind turbine? So the residents saw a bright light, maybe there’s wires in this thing, maybe there were sparks from metal on metal friction, maybe, maybe, maybe! Why jump to the UFO conclusion? What is it with lights and aliens? Beats me!

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