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Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on February 23, 2009

One definitive aspect of alternative medicine that surpasses the aims of conventional medicine is that it strives to harmonize and enrich one’s body in a fundamental way, not just as a quick fix approach to a problem. The options available are numerous, including holistic, natural, non-toxic and various other methods. Some of these are opposed by the modern medical bigwigs who try to impose their views on the world, claiming alternative medicine is untested and unproven. They advise not getting pregnant after 40 based solely on their textbook guidelines and traditional mode of thinking. But the act of throwing those old conventions and notions out of the window has allowed alternative medicine to break new ground and offer people something that conventional medicine can’t.

A Pakistan News

Unlike China and India, alternative medicine in Nigeria is devoid of science.

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