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The immorality of the Catholic Church

Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on March 5, 2009

In Brazil at least. A 9 year old was allegedly raped by her stepfather and impregnated with twins. It was decided that it was on her best interest to abort the fetuses.

Fatima Maia, director of the public university hospital where the abortion was performed, said the 15-week-old pregnancy posed a serious risk to the 80-pound girl.

“She is very small. Her uterus doesn’t have the ability to hold one, let alone two children,” Maia told the Jornal do Brasil newspaper.

This would make perfect sense to any rational brain that has not been poisoned by religious dogma of course.

But Marcio Miranda, a lawyer for the Archdiocese of Olinda and Recife in northeastern Brazil, said the girl should have carried the twins to term and had a cesarean section.

“It’s the law of God: Do not kill. We consider this murder,” Miranda said in comments reported by O Globo.

I see, it is the law of God. And he must work in mysterious ways if he allows a pervert to rape a 9 year old, and if that wasn’t bad enough allows her to get pregnant, and if that wasn’t bad enough allows her to get pregnant with twins, and if that wasn’t bad enough allows this to happen in a time in her life when her body cannot properly handle a pregnancy, and if that wasn’t bad enough wants to force her to go through with the pregnancy that her little body can’t handle without very probable permanent damage.

All knowing, all loving, right? And this is the being that we are supposed to get our morals from? Tell me this dear Catholics , do you agree with Mr. Miranda the asshole? Is this stupid idiot’s statement, morality in your eyes? Is this morality in your God’s eyes? Are you not ashamed that this person is speaking on behalf of Christians? Because if you’re not, you deserve to suffer  not  this poor little girl. You know the only times where I hope there is a just God is when people like Mr. Miranda open their foul mouths, because then I would know that he would in fact burn in hell for eternity. Unfortunately, that does not seem very probable.


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