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Five positive religious headlines

Posted in Rodibidably by Rodibidably on March 13, 2009

[Originally posted at: Rodibidably]

I am accused at times of being overly critical of religion, and religious believers. In an attempt to balance that a bit, I thought I would post a few headlines of news articles that show religion in a more positive light.

  1. A catholic priest and young boy are alone for 2 hours together, and boy is not molested
  2. Evangelical christian meets person of different religious faith, and does not annoy the crap out of them with an attempted conversion
  3. Home-schooled christian child understands and accepts the consensus of scientific opinion as best way to understand the universe
  4. Homophobic christian fundamentalist pastor does not engage in sex act with male prostitute
  5. Islamic man insulted by woman, does not attempt to rape and/or kill her

[Originally posted at: Rodibidably]


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