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Evolution Witnessed by Scientists

Posted in Unreasonable Faith by Rodibidably on March 16, 2009

[Originally posted at: Unreasonable Faith]

Brothers! The evilution conspiracy continues, this time by GODLESS SCIENTISTS participating in a massive CONSPIRACY to claim evolution has been witnessed! The audacity! They are spitting in our Savior’s face! They are wrong, brethren and sisthren, for they DENY THE BIBLE and WORSHIP THE DEVIL! Praise be to JESUS’ holy name they’ll be burning in hell for all eternity!!!

Er, sorry. What I meant to say is scientists have witnessed evolution firsthand in a controlled study:

Observing the mechanisms of evolution in order to understand how a species adapts to another under different ecological conditions was the goal of researchers at the Laboratoire Écologie et Évolution…. They studied two bacteria — a predator and a prey — over 300 generations in a controlled environment.

For the first time, these scientists were able to demonstrate that the coevolutionary process is dependent on ecological conditions. Indeed, under certain conditions, the prey becomes resistant to the predator, which itself evolves so that it can attack this new prey. In addition, the scientists issued a warning against the previously envisaged use of this predator (Bdellovibrio bacteriovorus) as a “living antibiotic” because, like other antibiotics, this could lead to the selection of resistant pathogenic bacteria.

It seems we find more evidence for evolution each day. Yet when have you ever heard of evidence for creationism being discovered even once?

[Originally posted at: Unreasonable Faith]


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