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Win Ben Stein’s mind

Posted in Uncategorized by Rodibidably on March 16, 2009

I know this is a an older post, and by now most of you may have read it, but somehow I stumbled on it again today, and felt it was worth re-posting…

I’d never been a huge fan of Roger Ebert before I read this review, but honestly, this review is so well thought out, so scathing, so well written, so articulate, so damning of Expelled, that it made me respect Ebert’s ability with the English language in a way I had never before (having only seen him on TV as a kid reviewing movies).

[Originally posted at: Chicago Sun Times]

By: Roger Ebert

I’ve been accused of refusing to review Ben Stein’s documentary “Expelled,” a defense of Creationism, because of my belief in the theory of evolution. Here is my response.

Ben Stein, you hosted a TV show on which you gave away money. Imagine that I have created a special edition of “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” just for you. Ben, you’ve answered all the earlier questions correctly, and now you’re up for the $1 million prize. It involves an explanation for the evolution of life on this planet. You have already exercised your option to throw away two of the wrong answers. Now you are faced with two choices: (A) Darwin’s Theory of Evolution, or (B) Intelligent Design.

Because this is a special edition of the program, you can use a Hotline to telephone every scientist on Earth who has an opinion on this question. You discover that 99.975 of them agree on the answer (A). A million bucks hangs in the balance. The clock is ticking. You could use the money. Which do you choose? You, a firm believer in the Constitution, are not intimidated and exercise your freedom of speech. You choose (B).

[Read the rest of this post at: Chicago Sun Times]


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