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How to read psychic news

Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on April 7, 2009

It is a bit of a slow day for skeptical blogs so I decided to do a little experiment and show you how to read news  about psychic “success” stories. To do this I chose this random article I got from Google Alerts. I will be reproducing some paragraphs here with explanatory notes in red from me. I hope you enjoy it.

Business is down nearly everywhere, but inside The Psychic Eye readings are up 20 percent. (Desperate times call for desperate measure, no venue, regardless how improbable, will be left unexlpored)

At the location at Russell and Eastern (there are three other Psychic Eyes and several similar shops in Henderson and Las Vegas), a minimum of 60 (gullible) people come in each day seeking answers (getting none) and direction (to the nearest ATM, more readings will follow).

The store has plenty (none) of success stories. A few days ago, they tell me, a woman came in frantic about not being able to find her brother. With the help of a Tarot card reader, she was able to locate him within the hour (The reader had nothing to do with it at all, other than as someone to brainstorm with.The Tarot cards were useless!). Another hysterical lady came in while I was in the shop on the verge of tears after seeing a vision of her dead ex-husband. A tarot reader told her to breathe, led her behind a beaded curtain and thoroughly talked her through her troubles, likely for less than an hour at the shrink (But not for free, which is exactly how much a friend listening and calming you down would cost).

There are the popular Tarot readings (call in advance for an appointment) given by licensed readers (oxymoron) —it is illegal to give readings out of your house or to give readings without a license in the state of Nevada (I guess the state of Nevada really needs those license fees, nevertheless this claim sounds like made up BS to me!) . The readings are $20 for five minutes, $30 for a half hour and $50 for an hour.

The shop also hawks the healing powers of aromatherapy (there are none), in the form of candles and incense or bath salts and essential oils. The most calming and cleansing (I did not know that calming and cleansing was considered healing) fragrances are said to be lavender, patchouli, musk, sandalwood, amber and jasmine.

And The Psychic Eye blends various essential oils to produce special potions with names like Money Draw, Protection and Gamblers Lucky Play. What affect they have on the cards, dice or slots, we can’t say. (Sure you can, repeat after me, none whatsoever)

Different stones are used to balance different parts of your chakra (there is no such thing, thus there is nothing to balance) , or force center, with their energies (what the hell does that mean?). Amethyst calms fears, while quartz is cleansing (Wrong again!). The crystals are meant to be carried or worn as jewelry. Voodoo charms and talismans, engraved with occult designs, may bring (they can’t, they don’t) the wearer fertility, protection on journeys, or the power to incite lust (who doesn’t want this power?) or win a battle.

“We try to provide things in this store that you can’t find in any other store,” says Robert Leysen, the owner of all ten Psychic Eyes located in Vegas and California (but they don’t, this kind of crap can be found in any woo woo store)

These “things” include self-help books, Ouija Boards, Buddha statues, Samurai swords, and belly dancing chains. (and which of these can’t be found in any other store?)

“A lot of people practice witchcraft and are into Wiccan,” says Leyson, showing me some silver, etched objects. “They swing these pendulums to get answers. The general public would be surprised.” (we are… that people waste time swinging pendulums to get answers!)

I’m rather surprised myself, and the lessons keep on coming (must not have been paying attention to the last 200 years I guess!) . Steele explains to me how thoughts are things (penny for your thoughts was not meant to be taken literally you know?) , as the Japanese scientist Dr. Emoto claimed to prove in his experiments with words and water crystals.“What you believe, you make true for yourself,” she says with conviction. (No you don’t, R. Kelly believed he could fly!)

Well I hope you had as much fun reading this as I had writing it. See you next post!

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Acupuncture not helpful for hot flashes

Posted in News by Skepdude on April 7, 2009

Treatment doesn’t provide relief for menopausal symptoms, review finds

HONG KONG – Acupuncture may not help relieve hot flushes in women undergoing menopause, a review of past studies involving the practice has shown.

In a paper published in the journal Climacteric, researchers in South Korea and Britain said they trawled though medical literature exploring the efficacy of acupuncture in relieving hot flushes but evidence was scarce.

“Our findings provide no convincing evidence that acupuncture is beneficial for women suffering from menopausal hot flushes,” they wrote.

The researchers trawled through 106 papers in total, and narrowed down to six the ones they considered most relevant to the study. The six tested the effects of real acupuncture against the effects of sham acupuncture

Only one reported positive effects of acupuncture on the frequency and severity of hot flushes after four weeks of follow-up, while the other five showed no such effects.


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Seahorses are an abomination in the eyes of the LORD!

Posted in Fun, Happy Jihads House of Pancakes, Humorous by Skepdude on April 7, 2009

Those filthy little transvestites, seahorses, are at it again, spreading their seahorse propaganda by disguising it as an appeal to “family values.”

They would have you believe that this is the typical seahorse family:

It is the perfect picture of parental responsibility, the loving father doting over the fruit of his man-womb, so they say, but they are bringing these sea-foals into the world specifically to indoctrinate them into the aberrant seahorse lifestyle!

Why does nobody think of the children when they decide that these transgendered deviants should be allowed equal protection under the law? How should fish parents respond to their fish children when they come home from schools and say, “Timmy has a daddy for a mommy!”?

The government has been taken over by those who are sympathetic to the seahorse agenda, and would turn Biblical, bible-believing Christians into hate crimers. The public schools openly teach about seahorse reproduction, indoctrinating our children into becoming seahorses. How many times has a parent come home to find their only pride and joy, their Christian male child, paddling around the swimming pool in a saddle and doing it for carrots because of what they have learned in school? This is why I home school my fish.


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