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Seahorses are an abomination in the eyes of the LORD!

Posted in Fun, Happy Jihads House of Pancakes, Humorous by Skepdude on April 7, 2009

Those filthy little transvestites, seahorses, are at it again, spreading their seahorse propaganda by disguising it as an appeal to “family values.”

They would have you believe that this is the typical seahorse family:

It is the perfect picture of parental responsibility, the loving father doting over the fruit of his man-womb, so they say, but they are bringing these sea-foals into the world specifically to indoctrinate them into the aberrant seahorse lifestyle!

Why does nobody think of the children when they decide that these transgendered deviants should be allowed equal protection under the law? How should fish parents respond to their fish children when they come home from schools and say, “Timmy has a daddy for a mommy!”?

The government has been taken over by those who are sympathetic to the seahorse agenda, and would turn Biblical, bible-believing Christians into hate crimers. The public schools openly teach about seahorse reproduction, indoctrinating our children into becoming seahorses. How many times has a parent come home to find their only pride and joy, their Christian male child, paddling around the swimming pool in a saddle and doing it for carrots because of what they have learned in school? This is why I home school my fish.


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