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Psychic: Your Unborn Baby Says To Put A Mini-Fan Near Your Testicles

Posted in News by Skepdude on April 10, 2009

HB: Can babies communicate if they’re not born yet?

O’Neill: Absolutely. That’s what this book is about. The bonding process between mother and child, and the fact that it starts really when the baby has chosen the mother — not at birth, but long before then. Sometimes the woman is receiving information from her unborn child before she even conceives. Unborn babies also communicate in dreams.

HB: How did you discover the fan treatment that helps males with infertility issues?

O’Neill: One day I had a woman sitting in front of me in a private session. She said she thought she was infertile and wanted me to ask the guardian angels what it was. Her unborn baby was the one who gave me the information, and he told her that the thing derailing his conception was that Dad’s sperm count was low, and it was because he was hot around his testicles. So the baby recommended that his future mother get a small plastic fan from Wal-Mart and have Dad sit under it and read a book or watch TV and let the air blow on his testicles for about 20 minutes or so — it raises his sperm count. They were to have sex right afterwards. And she got pregnant.


Hat tip to JREF.

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