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Would you like a side order of blasphemy with that?

Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on April 30, 2009

Remember how we all got up in arms when the spineless members of the UN passed that resolution against blasphemy. We were blasted left and right for being alarmist, fear-mongers, cry babies. This resolution has no teeth, they said. It is non binding, they said. You have nothing to fear, they said. Well apparently Ireland wasn’t reading those comments because it appears they are trying to pass their own anti blasphemy law.

Speaking after an Oireachtas committee meeting, Mr Ahern yesterday defended a fine of up to €100,000 that will be imposed on blasphemers.

Gardai will now have the power to seize blasphemous material from the home or any other premises used by a person convicted of blasphemy.

Imagine that! €100,000 fine for reading “God is not great” (from now on expect me to plug Christopher Hitchens at any opportunity. That guy is just superb and I have to shake hands with him at some point in the future. Anyone can help arrange that? I’m in NYC!) Now, was I right or was I right to be alarmed at the stupid UN resolution?

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