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Holy Hand Sanitizer

Posted in Unreasonable Faith by Skepdude on May 2, 2009

The Catholic Diocese of Dallas’s churches are offering hand sanitizer to their attendees along with holy water. I guess they finally realized that holy water wasn’t good for anything but spreading sickness:

Church officials are also not going to offer the communal wine during Mass. During the service, parishoners accepting Holy Communion drink from the same cup.

It’s not the only thing that will change during the service. The church said things can be done differently during the peace offering, when members greet each other in the pews and shake hands.

“At that moment, you don’t have to make bodily contact,” Gonzales Taylor said. “You can merely acknowledge the person next to you and offer the sign of peace verbally.”

They have faith that God can raise the dead, heal the sick, and embody a cracker — but he won’t he keep his children from infecting each other with disease as they worship him?