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Turkey wedding massacre

Posted in News by Skepdude on May 6, 2009

As reported at

BILGE, Turkey, May 6 (UPI) — Turkish police arrested eight men suspected of a wedding party attack that killed 44 people, including the bride and groom, whose marriage the suspects opposed.

Women and children were among the victims of the 15-minute assault Monday in the town of Bilge in southeastern Turkey, Voice of America reported Wednesday.

Witnesses said men, armed with automatic weapons and hand grenades, opened fire on the 200 people attending the wedding.”

According to our first inspections, this happened because of a feud within the family,” Atalay said. “But our efforts to find out what happened are continuing.”

As reported at Times Online

The Hurriyet newspaper said that the chief suspect, Abdulkadir Celebi, told police: “We decided to exterminate all families there. We were also going to kill those who were not in the village at the time. If we did not kill everyone, including women and children, then they would have killed one of us in the future and there would have been a blood feud.

The suspect said that his side of the family had asked for Sevgi Celebi, whose father had been the village headman, to be given to them in marriage as penance for an earlier rape. “But they gave her to one of our enemies. We told them to cancel the engagement or else.”

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