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A skeptic proves to be a better psychic than most psychics!

Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on May 10, 2009

A little while back I linked to the JREF entry about the failed Million Dollare Challenge test of  a certain Patricia Putt, who failed miserably with a score of 0!  Back then the good people at the JREF were giving her credit for being fair about the outcome of the test. As was reported:

According to the testers, Mrs. Putt took this failure well, and did not blame the test or the testers but rather her own powers for failing.

But I knew something was amiss. I knew that that could not last. So your good, friendly, and now psychic, Skepdude made the following prediction (at the bottom of my above referenced entry):

Skepdude predicts that even though she took the failure well and blamed her powers, this symptom is only temporary and within a short period of time, less than a full month, she will rationalize it away and keep on doing exactly what she was doing before she failed the test.

Was I right or what? JREF contacted the “psychic” to see what she thought of the failure, after she had had time to think it over. This is what she, unsurprisingly came back with:

“I’m not in the least disappointed that the results did not go my way.  I was stunned at first but when normal thought re-entered my head I realised that I was never going to win the barriers presented in the protocol were too much even for me to surmount,” Putt said in an e-mail on 8 May 2009.

Putt continued, “”With them [the volunteers] being bound from head to foot like black mummies, they themselves felt tied so were not really free to link with Spirit making my work a great deal more difficult,” Putt said.

I WAS RIGHT! She did rationalize it away! Of course it wasn’t her fault, she’s psychic no? So what were these insurmountable barriers that she had to face?

During the test, the volunteers were safeguarded from potentially giving information away with subconscious cues by donning a graduation gown and ski mask for the duration of their reading. They also faced away from Putt, and Putt was not permitted to see them enter the testing room.

She wasn’t allowed to cold read them! I’d say that pretty much wraps it up for all psychic “abilities”. Take away cold reading and they all strike out, swinging mind you, but they all strike out nevertheless. Looks like I’ve got a little bit of the cosmic power in me as well.