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Charlotte Allen asked for it!

Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on May 22, 2009

Charlotte Allen does not like atheists much, in fact she is enraged with us; she can’t stand us!. Did you know that we think that people that believe in God are stupid? Did you know that we are intent to prove not only that God does not exist, but also that he’s evil? Did you know that we are angry? I didn’t.

Thankfully for me I don’t have to give a complete rebuttal to this misguided soul (nice irony huh?) because the LA Times did a very nice thing, they actually opened this for debate and allowed PZ Meyers, The Dark Atheist Lord, to write his own article in response to Allen’s. And by reading the two side by side it is clear who is the angry one! I’m talking about you Charlotte, and I am sure after reading PZ’s piece you’ll be even more angry! Sorry, we don’t mean to irritate you, but the simple fact that you are irritated shows that we’re hitting a nerve!

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