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The Simon Singh Song

Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on June 16, 2009

Thanks to Skepchick for pointing us to the Simon Singh song by Dale Williams over at Derivation Probability. Here’s a snipet. Go to Derivation Probability for the full thing.

The Guardian’s reply was if you wish,

Write a response for us to publish.

The BCA refused to.

And said it’s not you we’re gonna sue.

It’s that Simon guy we require

For defamation we will go and hire

A lawyer who will not tire.

An apology we do desire.

So my, my, our Simon the guy.

It may deflate yer someday later

But don’t break down and cry.

We’re all behind you and there’s a simple reason why,

Because our law has gone badly awry.

Our law has gone badly awry.

It’s come to something when you can’t

Freely criticize or have a rant

Without fear of being sued.

And having to be the one to prove

That your statement was indeed all true

Instead of their unsubstantiated view.

Well we know that you are in the right.

And we’ll back you in this awful fight.

Which will affect not only you

So we signed a petition or two.

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