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Psychic embarrases herself (yet again) with missing man case

Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on June 23, 2009

Are headline writers even required to read the article for which they write the headline?  The question arises quite naturally after reading an article called “Psychic helps police in case of missing Hingham man with dog” since it is clear from the article that the woman who had the visions did not in fact help the police at all.


When it comes to a missing person case, police will take any information they can get.

So when a woman claiming to be a psychic volunteered her sixth sense to help track a man who apparently went missing while walking his Saint Bernard in Hingham this week, police were willing to hear her out.

A woman who has been staying at the hotel for the last week offered police her assistance, general manager Amarjit Khera said.

Khera said she reported having two visions, one in which a group of kids beat the man, stole his watch, then dumped his body somewhere in Quincy where there is a big shamrock. The second vision suggested that police should search the woods, just west of where the dog paused at the water’s edge while police were searching.

Rockland police took the report from the woman and passed the information to Hingham police.

Hingham police Lt. Michael Peraino said search teams acted on the tip, but police dogs that can track cadavers turned up nothing.

He said there are no plans to search in Quincy because the information is too vague. “I don’t even know where you’d start looking,” he said.

So how exactly did she help the police?  By providing information that resulted in nothing but wasted time, effort and money? Who the hell is writing the headlines for The Daily News Transcript? It really should have said “Pscychic hinders police in case of missing man!”

thestupiditburns1PS: By “yet again” in the title I don’t mean this specific woman. I mean yet another psychic! Just thought that needed clarification.

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