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Cosmetic acupuncutre

Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on June 25, 2009

People will never stop coming up with new and improved versions of woo will they? Just when you think that a modality has been so definitely battered by science and evidence that it ought to wither and die, just when we’re getting ready to get out of the acupuncture fight…they pull us right back in. Oh and this one is a clever one:

Martha Lucas, Ph.D., L.Ac., Denver-based acupuncturist and practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), has authored “Vanity Calamity: Your Guide to Cosmetic Acupuncture for Anti-aging.” The announcement is made by Dr. Lucas who says “Vanity Calamity tells the history of vanity and what women have been willing to do to look younger or more beautiful. Now there’s a healthy, safe option – Cosmetic Acupuncture. My new book, now available for purchase at, shares how to look young naturally.”

As Terra Sig rightly points out, it is quite telling that she is billing her “option” as healthy and safe, not particularly effective. What I find even more telling is that Dr. Lucas, has a PhD in Psychology, which I suspect would come in very handy with the gullible crowd of acupuncture believers.

As a practitioner of TCM, Dr. Lucas has seen the negative side effects that can occur through use of modern techniques for looking younger. “I’ve seen a patient whose face was still numb two years after a surgical facelift, a neck burned by a laser treatment, a young mother who was upset that she couldn’t make facial expressions after receiving Botox® injections, and a woman whose skin had hyper-pigmentation after a ‘natural’ peel,” Dr. Lucas explains. “In turn, I decided the general public needed more information about the natural option called Cosmetic Acupuncture – hence my new book.”

Right, so in exchange I offer you my brand new, fresh off the woo oven, no-side-effect , not-shown-to-have-an-effect-either therapy based on millennia old magical thinking and pseudo science. But hey, you won’t get a burn and your face won’t be numb at least!

Vanity Calamity is full of information that people need to know about how to use natural medicine to look younger and feel more vibrant. According to Dr. Lucas, “we have forgotten the importance of our natural beauty and that it can often be achieved through the use of natural means.”

Naturally! Because what’s more “natural” than sticking man-made, steel needles in your body?