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PZ must apologize to Ham-says God

Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on August 12, 2009

God has commanded PZ Meyers to apologize to Ken Ham for all the shenanigans Meyers and his atheist heathen followers committed during and after their recent visit to the evidence-heavy creation museum. A call to PZ’s representatives went unanswered.  A close contact of PZ, speaking in anonymity for fear of reprisals said the following:

The trip to the creation museum was indeed sponsored with dirty money funneled through to PZ from Satan worshiping, blood drinking cults. Dark magic rituals were performed in and around the premises of god’s museum, much of which included dirty group sex, virgin sacrifices and satanic eucharist desecrations. Please don’t leak my name….please they’ll kill me.

No worries Jeff, I won’t!

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  1. Debrah said, on May 15, 2017 at 7:16 PM

    PÅ™eklad &q;ntuuoiforma" je ponÄ›kud neÅ¡Å¥astný. Jedná se o normální pracovní stejnokroj, jaký se používá ode dávna ve vÅ¡ech dobách a kulturách. Proto na nÄ›m asi nÄ›co bude…Nebojte, kolegové nad 40 let, tipuju, že Vy se masového rozšíření Å¡kolních stejnokrojů v české kotlinÄ› nedožijete.

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