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12 things you need to know about psychics-Skepdude style

Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on August 21, 2009

I love the Examiner. It gives me so much material for my blog. Here’s the latest thing I came across, “The 12 things you need to know About Psychics”. Let’s examine it and critique it, Skepfeeds style.

1) A psychic is just like you, everyone is born psychic.

Ha, sure why not! Step one, kiss up to the people bringing the green in.

2) A psychic loves the same things just as you do. To be with family, friends, reading a good book, getting their hair done, a walk in the park.

With one small exception: commitment to reality and mental well being.

3) A psychic works with their intuition.

Oh, is that what they’re calling it these days?

4) A psychic may also have a part-time or full-time job working in main stream public.  Not all psychics work ful-time as a psychic.

There’s only so much gullibility to go around I guess. We can only support so many John Edwards and Van Praghs.

5) A psychic may use tools, astrology, birth times and zodiac symbols, Angel oracles cards or tarot in their readings with you.

Right, whatever made up bullshit toys to mesmerize the gullible.

6) A psychic is not a medium.

Why do they feel the need to make this distinction? Do they not ***gasp*** believe in mediums?

7) A psychic gives to you what they feel and know at that moment of time.

Right and they usually “feel” they have to give you lots of guesses for you to latch on.

8) Not all psychics work in integrity, get to know the psychic before going to see them for a reading.

Right, there are some quacks out there that give all psychics a bad name. Hmmm, now if only we could find a real psychic!

9) Not all psychic believe in angels & spirit guides.

Yeah, I guess different psychics specialize in different kinds of bullshit!

10) A psychic is not an individual to live your life by, but can assist you in your life to live.

Of course not, it’s just an individual to waste your time and money on.

11) A psychic should never ask you for huge sums of money to get rid of negative energy or bad karma. No one can… but you. Even if they sense it, they can only guide you as you are the only one who can get rid of anything negative.

Sure, they can only ask for huge sums of money to tell you you’ve got a problem, but only you can fix it, so don’t come crying to me if you can’t. It’s your fault!

12) A psychic might wear lots of jewelry or crystals, but do not be fooled to thinking they are any different, as they love beautiful things just like you.

Right on! Open up with butt kissing close with ass kissing! Wow, now I have a completely different attitude towards psychics.

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