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Shame on Washington state

Posted in Pharyngula by Skepdude on August 28, 2009


My home state! In a region with some of the highest percentages of godless people in the country! And they have this awful law on the books.

Washington’s law specifies that a person treated through faith healing “by a duly accredited Christian Science practitioner in lieu of medical care is not considered deprived of medically necessary health care or abandoned.” Other religions are not mentioned.

Christian Science is not science, and it is definitely not medicine. I presume some religious lobby got this evil exemption on the books years ago, but now it’s time to remove it—it’s killing people. The mention of the law comes from a story about a young man, Zachery Swezey, who died a slow, painful death from a ruptured appendix, with his parents looking on.

The day his son died, Greg Swezey told sheriff’s investigators he knew Zakk would die 10 or 15 minutes before the teenager passed away. His condition had gotten much worse about an hour and a half before Zakk died, he told the investigators, and he realized Zakk was exhibiting some of the symptoms of death he’d seen when older church members died.

He did not consider calling an ambulance, he told them.

Who did he call instead? Elders of his church, who showed up to splash oil on the poor kid and pray.


Open call – Writers/contributors needed

Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on August 28, 2009

I need writers/contributors to come on board to help expand the quantity and quality of the entries posted at Skepfeeds. I am looking for people that are skeptical and want to share their thoughts with the world,but don’t particularly feel like they want to maintain a blog on their own. I am not sure how we’ll work it out here on WordPress. I think as long as you set up an account with WordPress you’ll be able to join in. Please e-mail me at if you would be interested. Thank you.

Uri Geller still at it – Good journalist will have none of it

Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on August 28, 2009

Uri Geller! The spoon bender (or so he claims)! The New Times of Broward Palm Beach has an article on the man, which is not excessively skeptical, but takes a jab or two at the renowned “psychic” that is Geller, and my favorite is this one (emphasis mine):

When I called, he asked that I call back in about an hour. I did that too. After we discussed psychics, Randi, Randi’s Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge, and the skeptic community, out of the blue he asked if I still had a beard. He told me he liked it. “You look very cool,” he said with the grace of a lifelong showman.

That’s right, the most famous psychic in the world told me he liked my beard…over the phone! (If you google image search my name, the first picture shows me with a beard.)

That’s right! The best, and cheapest trick, this great “psychic” could come up with is a mention of the writer’s beard, an image of whom, with the beard, is readily available on the Internet! But that’s not even the fun part. The fun part is that Geller asks the journalist if he still has a beard. Shouldn’t this great “psychic” know that already? Needless to say, yet again I am not impressed.