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Homeopathy for cats

Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on November 20, 2009

As if this nonsense wasn’t bad enough as is, I ran accross the following question and answer in some obscure website (rel=”no follow”-ed of course!), I’d never heard off:

Question 1: I have 2 cats who are great feline companions-unless the weather turns stormy, with lots of lightning and thunder, or they’re about to have their toenails trimmed. Are there any natural ways I can help them calm down?

Friend of Felines

Response: When “meow” turns to “yeeoowwwww,” we all need help with calming crazed kitties. In addition to keeping them in a safe area, like a quiet room or other place where they can be as comfortable as possible, homeopathy offers a potential way to deal with the situation. Homeopathy is based on using diluted versions of a variety of natural remedies, including herbs or other nutrients. Each remedy is diluted thousands of times, resulting in an end-product that no longer contains the original material, only its electromagnetic essence.

Edie Snow, Shiatsu therapist at Pathways to Wellness, is a cat aficionada who has rescued several felines. She recommends using Rescue Remedy, a homeopathic approach to calming people or animals. It is a liquid dispensed from a dropper, and can be applied to a cat’s gums or inner lips. Rescue Remedy helps to relax an animal after any trauma, and can be used to deal with wild kitty behavior, fear, or over-stimulation. Rescue Remedy can also be used on the way to see your veterinarian.

So let me get this straight. First these cats get crancky because of lightning or having their nails clipped. That would be the cause of the crankiness. Since hoemopathy says like-cures-like, I can’t help but wonder just what in the hell would you dilute to calm down a cat that’s freaked by lightning and thunder? Furthermore since this Rescue Remedy can calm both animals and people, does that mean it can only calm people that get scared from lightning or are phobic about cutting their nails? Just wondering out loud here, not trying to be close-minded.