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Dishonorable killings continue

Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on December 16, 2009

Yet more news of (dis)honor killings keep coming our way. This time it was a brother  who killed his  sister, with a sword, for marrying someone from another caste.

A case of “honour killing” was reported at Musapur village in the district on Tuesday, where Sukhdeep Singh (21) murdered her sister Rupinder Kaur (22) who had been living in the same village after solemnising inter-caste court marriage about four years ago.Raj Rani, mother-in-law of Rupinder Kaur, in her statement, said that in a frenzy, Sukhdeep holding a sword in his hand entered her residence in broad daylight and started attacking his sister with the sword. She tried to push him away and raised the alarm, but he continued to attack his sister.

Will this bullshit ever be defeated? And what can possibly motivate someone to have a “fit of rage” 4 years after the fact? You’d think that the fit of rage would hit when the “incident” happens not after 4 years. I guess peer pressure, mocking and insults added up until at some point this person exploded. But I wonder, why not take the sword to the folks giving you a hard time instead of your sister? I can pretty much guarantee that a couple of those kind of honor killings would put a damper on this nonsense.

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