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Another study finds no MMR-autism link

Posted in News by Skepdude on January 7, 2010


NEW YORK – A new study provides further evidence that the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine is not associated with an increased risk of autism.

Concerns that the MMR shot could cause autism were first raised a decade ago by British physician Andrew Wakefield, who, based on a study of 12 children, proposed that there was a link between the vaccine and bowel disease and autism.

That research has since been widely discredited, and numerous international studies have failed to find a connection between MMR vaccination and autism.

This latest study included 96 Polish children ages 2 to 15 who had been diagnosed with autism. Researchers compared each child with two healthy children the same age and sex who had been treated by the same doctor.

Some of the children had received the MMR vaccine, while others had not been vaccinated at all or had received a vaccine against measles only.

Poland has been slower to introduce the MMR than other European countries, but over the past decade, the vaccine has slowly been replacing the measles-only shot.

Overall, the study found, children who had received the MMR vaccine actually had a lower risk of autism than their unvaccinated peers. Nor was there any evidence of an increased autism risk with the measles-only vaccine.


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  1. mountainwillow said, on January 27, 2010 at 5:28 PM

    Of course, a half study only evaluating half of the questions would of course only answer what someone would want to hear. It bears no weight respectively that the CDC and Pharm companies are in kahoots. When the link between Autism and MMR are studied to the fullest extent, from all angles and not just to cover the CDC and Pharm companies tails. Then we will have truth. Otherwise the studies one right after another will only be seeking to rule out- only half the questions.

    A mother of a son who was very normal, and later injured, suffering severe bowel issues, and now Autistic from the MMR. Dont tell me that is coincidence. Sorry I am not stupid. Money and Politics keep the studies dishonest regarding MMR and Autism.

    • Skepdude said, on January 27, 2010 at 11:09 PM

      I will not tell you that you are stupid; I don’t know if you are or not. What you are is human, a mother that has a personal experience that is very convincing…to you. I do not discount what you feel and as a parent myself I can understand the feelings and emotions and the need to find out why things happen. I just don’t buy the “kahoots, money and politics” view that you take. Like it or not, you are biased and are not looking at the evidence with an open mind. Your mind is made up that MMR caused your son’s suffering. If studies come back saying that isn’t so; you dismiss them as dishonest, but I guarantee that if studies came back supporting what you believe you wouldn’t doubt them at all.

      Unfortunately that is the wrong way of looking at evidence. Discounting evidence that doesn’t support what we want it to support is wrong, regardless of your personal story. I am not trying to be mean; I am simply saying that truth is what it is regardless of what we may want it to be. I wish, I honestly wish, that MMR did cause autism, because then we’d have a simple remedy: stop giving MMR. Then, we’d be able to stop the suffering that children like your son, and parents like yourself go through. Unfortunately that is not the case. Whatever the cause of autism may be, it is not vaccines, nor thimerosal, nor MMR, nor is it bad mothers as was previously suggested.

      You have no shred of evidence that the studies are dishonest. You only say that because they fail to support your belief, which you must grant me is mostly based on feelings rather than reason. But nature doesn’t work according to our feelings. I am sorry for the hand you have been dealt but remember the saying: Two wrongs don’t make it right. Don’t be the person making that second wrong!

  2. Steve said, on February 11, 2010 at 6:11 PM


    As a father of two, with my eldest having moderate ASD. Both kids have had their MMR injections.

    I find too many people have been looking for a cause or a blaim for their kids Autism, fair enough i was one as well. I have an open mind about the MMR link. Autism has many symtoms, or there wouldn’t be a spectrum of disorders. Meaning the cause can be a spectrum and the cure (if ever) will be more complex to find. Traditionally medicine treats the symptoms.

    I think the medical industry hasn’t done themselves any favours by not supporting thorough research. This doesn’t help when there is mountain of anecdotal evidence by parents.

    In my opinion, parents place trust in their GPs who are the ones responsible for administrating the MMR drug. The Autism – MMR debate has shown how little knowledge our GPs have of the drug, unfortunately this leads towards less vaccination and trust issues.

    Also, I find popularity outweighs fact. Especially when there is an emotional attachment.

    I did look at my own video evedence of before and after the MMR injections. I too could indicate a connection between MMR and Autsim. Also i was recently working on our family tree and there is also a connection in part from genetics pattern of types of family employment and the similar charactors. So there can be many sources, would be people blaim there genetics? No, as the medical industry uses this argument and it’s not popular with parents.

    At the moment, I’m learning, understanding and accepting autism.

    Best wishes for the future

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