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A Plea for Any Real Psychics to Help Haiti

Posted in Center for inquiry by Skepdude on January 14, 2010


I am issuing a plea for any real psychics to join the search. Time is of the essence; the victims are literally dying by the hour, many of them because searchers don’t know where to look. I know they could use a real psychic to reunite families and lead searchers to the wounded.

I have donated money to the relief effort, but beyond that, there’s not much I can do. I don’t have (and don’t claim to have) any psychic abilities at all. I can’t locate missing persons, I’ve never said I helped police solve crimes. If you can really do what you claim to do, please use your powers to save countless lives.

This means you, Montel-beloved Sylvia Browne. And you, Medium TV show inspiration Alison DuBois. And Carla Baron of TV’s Haunting Evidence. And you too, Nancy Weber. And John Edward. Will any of you step forward and help?

Many of you charge money for your psychic services. Fair enough; doctors, police, and others earn a living helping others. If that’s the issue, please contact me at and we can negotiate a fee for saving innocent lives. If cost is an issue and you need to visit Haiti in person, I will offer to personally pay round-trip airfare to Port-au-Prince or Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) for any nationally-known psychic who is willing to use their claimed powers to help those in desperate need.

Some of you have claimed that you don’t get involved in a case unless specifically asked. Well, I’m specifically asking each one of you. If, for some reason, you need a particular devastated Haitian to specifically request you and your services, I might be able to arrange that.