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Did your house come down on your head? Here’s a Bible to help you

Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on January 20, 2010

This is ludicrous by any standards.  An American shit-faced, I mean faith based, group is sending the people of Haiti solar-powered Bibles designed for “poor and illiterate people”. I’m sure the people of Haiti will be thrilled! I mean who wouldn’t love to be called illiterate right after having a few tons of concrete fall on their head? Sure they could have sent food, medicine, clothing, water, even useful electronics such as radios maybe, or pay for counselors for the survivors, but not these good christians;  they choose to use this tremendous tragedy to….proselytize! And then people ask me why I don’t like religion. Because of shit like this folks, because of shit like this.

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  1. redrabbitslife said, on January 27, 2010 at 11:01 AM

    What a shocker. When I lived in Malawi, my neighbour’s houseboy, Peter, used to write to churches in the US. I don’t know where he got the addresses.

    Peter was about 15. His mother had died and his father remarried and refused to have anything to do with him. His boss used to beat him. He was generally relatively well-fed, but also kind of desperate as he couldn’t see how he could live like this forever.

    He used to ask for money, for school fees and board, so he could make a different life.

    He got bibles. Boxes and boxes of bibles. Ugh.

    He robbed his boss and ran away.

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