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Is Luke Perry a skeptic?

Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on February 3, 2010

Who you say? You know that guy that used to play somebody on Beverly Hills way back then, when….well he’s a bigger celebrity than Jenny McCarthy anyway so there! Anyway here’s a portion of an interview he just gave to the New York Post.

PW: What appealed to you about this role?
Luke: I’m drawn to these modern day charlatans — because I’m skeptical. I don’t see how these guys keep doing this. It blows my mind every time I think about it — from the tarot card reader in the corner or the guys with big worldwide audiences.

That would be the Edwards and the Brownes of the world. And you’re not off the hook either Van Praagh!

PW: So you don’t believe in psychic powers?
Luke: No, I don’t.

PW: Did this part give you any insight into how the fakers pull it off?
Luke: I had a pretty good idea how they do what they do. What I loved is that the script built in all the right things about how they cold read people. Don’t get me wrong, these “psychics” aren’t stupid by any stretch of the imagination — quite the contrary. They’re often very charismatic, intelligent people who get you to believe what they want you to believe. Or in this case, figuring out what you’re looking to believe.

Nicely done Luke!

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  1. Jim said, on February 3, 2010 at 6:18 PM

    Awesome. I knew that boy had his head screwed on right. (We went to high school together, but I’d have to show you my yearbk to prove it and, um, nope.)

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