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A good day for Simon Singh

Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on April 1, 2010

Simon Singh wins the next battle in his war-against-cretins. Not to get confused, the war is still ongoing but he won the right to the “fair comment” defense which the previous judge had inexplicably denied him.

The science writer Simon Singh has won his court of appeal battle for the right to rely on the defence of fair comment in a libel action.


In May last year, high court judge Mr Justice Eady, in a preliminary ruling in the dispute, held that Singh’s comments were factual assertions rather than expressions of opinion – which meant he could not use the defence of fair comment.Today, the lord chief justice, Lord Judge, master of the rolls Lord Neuberger and Lord Justice Sedley allowed Singh’s appeal, ruling that the high court judge had “erred in his approach”.

Singh described the ruling as “brilliant” but added: “It is extraordinary this action has cost £200,000 to establish the meaning of a few words.”

200,000 pounds folks. That’s almost twice as much in US Dollars. People like me would have been bankrupt and would have had no other choice but to fold their hand, even though right. Thank goodness the folks at the BCA picked the wrong guy to mess with. Oh how I will rejoice when the day comes that Simon inevitably wins the war and the BCA will have to pay him back every penny he’s had to spend defending himself from their idiocy (I hope the UK system works that way, I don’t know for sure).

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