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Idiocy is universal

Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on April 1, 2010

Some liberals revel in pointing out idiocy coming from the conservative side. Nevertheless, I submit, that idiocy is universal. The A.C.L.U. has turned down a  $20,000 donation from the American Humanist Association, because their mission is to promote “good without God.”  WHAT….THE ….FUCK????? So let me sum up the logic in this whole thing:

1-Bigot anti-gay school cancels prom because of gay student.

2-A.C.L.U. puts on its shining armor, gets on top if its white horse and rides to the rescue.

3-AHA offers to help with a $20,000 cash donation

4-A.C.L.U. refuses aid because it is afraid to be tainted by association with this group who has to endure apparently even  more bigotry at the hands of the coalition of the idiots of Mississippi?

That is the logical equivalent of an organization that feeds the poor refusing to feed some people because they are “too poor”. Yeah, I know makes no sense, but idiocy seldom does!

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  1. […] released an official apology over the rejected $20,000 donation from American Humanist Association as reported earlier today under the general category of idiocy. So I tentatively retract my idiocy remark and assign the […]

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