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Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on April 2, 2010

Vox Day believes in god, the christian god to be specific. And he is baffled  by some atheists’ use of the “problem of evil” argument against the existence of god, accusing us of theological ignorance, which may well be true given that admittedly we don’t spend as much time being brainwashed by stone age myths as he and his friends must (for a more in-depth description of the Problem of Evil, check out the Wikipedia page). And he offers to set the record straight. Let us examine!

I am often bemused by those who appeal to the so-called “problem of evil” in questioning the existence of God. While there are, I think, a number of perfectly rational reasons for intelligent individuals to doubt the existence of the supernatural or a Creator God, the problem of evil is most definitely not one of them. Indeed, an appeal to it is nothing more than a demonstration of complete theological ignorance.

Right of the bat, we must clarify his clarification. See the problem of evil is not used to question the existence of god period; it is used to question the existence of an omnibenevolent while simultaneously omnipotent, and omniscient god. It may not sound important to make the distinction but it is; because see the problem of evil argument breaks down unless the god is posited to have all 3 of the above characteristics, and that is why it is a crap argument to make against Zeus. However, it does make a perfectly sound argument against the christian god as posited by most christians, but what do I know, I am theologically ignorant.

But here is the important point: Vox maintains evil must exist…because the christian faith requires it to exist otherwise jebus may well be a myth. And since jebus must have existed, and done all those things he’s rumored to have done, thus evil must exist, thus our “problem of evil” argument is kinda stupid. You see? Our logic does not matter because the christian faith tells us that evil exists, and any argument that doubts that, however logically sound it may be, must be wrong. Get this (comments in red are mine):

Without evil, Man is not fallen (He isn’t!). Without evil, there is no bondage to sin (We are not bound!) . Without evil, there is no reason for Jesus Christ to sacrifice himself for us (he did not!). Without evil, there is no purpose to the Crucifixion (there wasn’t any!) , no significance to the Resurrection (there wasn’t any!), and no need for our salvation (there isn’t any!). Without evil, there is no basis for the very foundation of the Christian faith. (AND?)

It is because there is evil in the world that Man has need of Jesus Christ (Man does not!). It is because Man is by nature slave to sin (Man is not!) that we have need of the one who can set us free (we don’t and he hasn’t). And it is because we owed a debt (we don’t!) that was beyond our capacity to pay  that Christians are grateful for the epic sacrifice that we commemorate today.

You see kids, in order to prove that evil exists, Vox wants us to accept everything the christian faith teaches us, part of which is that evil exists. So we prove evil must exist by accepting, a priori, that it does. Logical fallacy much Vox?

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  1. Badger3k said, on April 3, 2010 at 7:29 PM

    The Latin is “a priori” – but that’s a minor point. The bigger one is that Teddy is a really repulsive individual with rather different beliefs than the “normal” Christian. I don’t think his god is all three of the omnis, and may indeed prefer to have evil and suffering exists (I’m going by memory. For whatever reason, Luke at Common Sense Atheism thinks having a “discussion” with Teddy will be productive in some sense, and you can get more of his views there if you don’t want to go to his site).

    Other than that, yeah, logical fallacy is Teddys middle name, but if you bring it up, you’ll be insulted and told that your puny intellect (he’s in Mensa, dontcha know) is in no sense capable of understanding the subtleties involved in his argument, so you must be wrong.

    He’s definitely a piece of … work.

    • Skepdude said, on April 4, 2010 at 8:31 AM

      Thanks for pointing out my misspelling, it has been fixed. I don’t mind being called an idiot by another idiot, kinda makes me feel like a genius…LOL. I usually try to ignore Vox (his name is Teddy? Didn’t know that!) but sometimes the ridiculous reaches such hights that I just can’t ignore it. We have a saying where I come from that roughly translatted says “You can’t call a pig uncle” meaning you’ve gotta call it as you see it, PC be damned. This is not my first altercation with him, I actually think he’s made the decision not to engage with me, which I guess is also a nice sign.

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