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A not-so-innocent obsession

Posted in Skepdude by Skepdude on April 8, 2010

The following account of one woman’s obsession with psychics and her downfall and ruin of her personnal life is remarkable. What’s the harm in psychics? Read the story of  Samantha Brick and you will have your answer.

The floaty voice of the designer-clad woman urged me to ‘let my worries go  –  empty your mind and then focus on what you want to ask the cards’. Gingerly, I took the tarot pack she handed to me.

Sitting opposite me was one of Britain’s leading psychics. Everyone I worked with in TV said her predictions were 100 per cent accurate. That was enough for me: I was hooked.

‘Think, Sam,’ I told myself. ‘Think what you really want to know.’ I handed the pack back to the psychic, Angelica, and prepared to listen to her prophecies: my future was in her hands. She stared at the first card, then let out a shriek of surprise.